How Your Family Dentist Can Help With Sleep Apnea

2 January 2020
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If you have a snoring issue or wake each night feeling as though you can't breathe, you may suffer from a condition called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is quite common. However, many people may be unaware that they have it until they are diagnosed. Instead, they may simply notice that they are chronically tired. The feeling of exhaustion throughout the day is due to the inability to get a good night's rest. Read More 

This Is Why Your Dentist Knows You Haven’t Been Flossing

3 December 2019
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It's a classic joke, but one that gained its roots somewhere in reality: many people try to cover up the fact that they haven't been taking the best care of their teeth by ramping up their efforts just before a dentist visit. Unfortunately, this rarely works out for the patient and doesn't often impress the dentist. Ever wondered why? Well, here's the reason why your dentist can see right through your last-ditch efforts. Read More 

What You Can Expect During An Invisalign Consultation

8 November 2019
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Invisible, removable braces require a visit to a dentist who can order the braces for you and formulate a treatment plan based on the current arrangement of your teeth. If your dentist offers these braces, which are often referred to as Invisalign braces, you can schedule an Invisalign consultation with that dentist. Your consultation for these braces will go something like the following.  The Dentist/Orthodontist Takes X-rays of Your Teeth Read More 

How To Avoid Damaged Veneers

30 September 2019
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Dental veneers can really transform your smile. Not only can veneers change the shape of your teeth, but they can also change the color, fix chips, and just make your smile look more mature overall. Although dental veneers can do wonders for your smile, they can be a little bit expensive. To avoid having to have your dental veneer repaired because of a chip or anything else, this article will go over a few of the basic things that you can do. Read More 

Your Dental Crowns: When To Call Your Dentist About Them

2 September 2019
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With good care and a bit of luck, along with a great dental history, your dental crowns can last a long time. However, some factors get in the way of healthy dental crowns, so you want to make sure you do all you can to keep them in great condition. Since dental crowns are used to help preserve your smile, if they begin to fail in any way, you need to let your dentist know right away. Read More